What type of Water are you drinking?

Since my last post, hopefully you’ve been tracking your water intake and have seen some improvement in your skin, bowel movements, and overall system! And now that you’re nice and hydrated, let’s discuss the types of water you should be drinking. First off, are you drinking alkaline water to alkaline your system? Alkaline water has … Continue reading What type of Water are you drinking?


Good Morning World!!!  Hopefully you’ve taken the last month to detox and evaluate your daily routine to find areas for improvement.  As the weather continues to warm-up, it’s important that we take a moment to make sure we’re all drinking enough water. Many people think that all they need to stay hydrated is 8 - … Continue reading ARE YOU DRINKING ENOUGH WATER?

Spring is Here….Let’s Detox!!

It's that time of the year, when everyone starts to take a good look at their body and over all health.  Spring is in the air!!! You can hear the birds earlier in the morning, the sun is up earlier and brighter.  You see flowers blooming everywhere!!! There is a sense of rejuvenation in the … Continue reading Spring is Here….Let’s Detox!!