Here we are March 2023. What changes did you want to make for this year? Have you been able to do it so far? What do you need to continue on this path?

Life is so busy and always changing, that it makes it hard for us to make the changes that we know will better our self and life. You have to take smaller steps to make the big changes a part of your life. It has to become a part of your daily routine. I want to help you with this.

First, you need to revisit of make a new list of things that you would like to see change in your life. Be honest with yourself!!! Are these goals possible? Can you attain them? What things do you have to give up for this to happen? What time frame is it going to take? Do you have the tools to make the change? And what are the steps needed for this change?

I suggest not to do too many big changes at once. Know yourself and make goals that will work. We all want to make big changes, but only disappoint ourselves by making goals that are impossible. Be truthful. Don’t set yourself up for failure. You can email me your list and steps that you will take to: I will help you make it possible and be your accountability partner. Spring is almost here!! It’s time for rebirth. Perfect time to look at yourself. Love yourself and always forgave yourself!! Forgiveness comes from within first.



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