What type of Water are you drinking?

Since my last post, hopefully you’ve been tracking your water intake and have seen some improvement in your skin, bowel movements, and overall system! And now that you’re nice and hydrated, let’s discuss the types of water you should be drinking.

First off, are you drinking alkaline water to alkaline your system? Alkaline water has a pH of 8.1 to 9.5. That pH level is tested when they bottle the water, so you lose some of the pH levels as it’s bottled and shipped and stored on the store shelves. But you’ll still get the benefits of the alkaline water by the time you consume it if you’re drinking water that at least has a pH level of 8.1 in the beginning.

Why do you need to drink alkaline water? Alkaline water helps to neutralize acidity in the system and once you’ve alkalized the fluids in the system, the organs are able to detox themselves and heal themselves! So it’s important to drink alkaline water if you have problems with acid reflux, arthritis, or, really, any kind of ailment.

The other type of water I recommend is distilled water. Distilled water is basically a chelation therapy that removes minerals out of the body. Now why would you want to do this – Keep in mind heavy metals can enter our system though pesticides in our foods, pollution, and even some medicines we take! This is alarming because these metals can stay in the system and congest it.

If you’re going through a detox of getting rid of minerals and heavy metals from your system, you want to drink distilled water, and only distilled water, for a full month! For that month the distilled water does the chelation therapy for the minerals. Keep in mind that during that time you want to make sure you’re either taking a good multivitamin that has minerals or take a colloidal mineral supplement so that you’re getting the proper minerals back in your system because distilled water doesn’t differentiate between good minerals and bad minerals. It’s just going to take all of the minerals and try to move them out of the body.

Now that we know that distilled water indiscriminately removes all minerals from the body, you want to limit drinking distilled water to 1 month, every 3 months – similar to a full body detox. I meet people who say “I drink distilled water,” and they’ve been drinking it for 2, 5, or 6 months. So just keep this as a rule of thumb.

And then there’s spring water. There’s this whole thing on Facebook now about testing the alkalinity of spring water, but I say “why bother?” You can tell the difference in the different spring waters. Me, personally (and this is nothing against these companies), I can’t drink Deer Park, Evian, or any other similar spring waters. I can just smell the chemicals in it as compared to something like Fiji or Smartwater. There’s such a big difference in the taste of the water itself that makes a difference in your system. So you want to make sure you’re not putting some water that doesn’t have the best in there into your body.

You may be wondering about sparkling water and club soda. Stick to the options above! These beverages are carbonated and carbonation irritates the intestinal lining. So I suggest not drinking carbonated water. If you normally use carbonated water because you have too much gas or you’re trying to get the gas up,


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