Sacred Space of a Female

Join me virtually for a life changing experience. Change the way you care and love your body. Learn to talk about your Vagina. Let‚Äôs break all those old rules that were created to hold us back as femalesūüôŹ

Reducing Acid in your diet ..#3

Acid Acid Acid.......Alkalize Your Body This is one of the big things that you started to hear about ¬†last year. ¬†Everywhere you turned in the Alternative World you hear Alkalize. Why is it so important to alkalize your body and why do we need to? ¬†Like everything else that we do today, we are eating … Continue reading Reducing Acid in your diet ..#3


Improve your body , mind, soul, and spirit.¬† May everyone be blessed with health, wealth, love, peace, happiness, understanding, and unconditional love from others during this wonderful year! ¬†Now that the holidays are behind us it is time to start the New Year off right. ¬†We all need a little relaxation, and gentle healing. This … Continue reading Reiki