Good Morning

Namaste.  I do hope and pray that everyone who reads this blog will be blessed on some level.  This morning, my mind is going over what I have experienced this year.  And it is only with GOD's Grace that I have make it thru with a sound mind.  I am so thankful for all of … Continue reading Good Morning

Reducing Acid in your diet ..#3

Acid Acid Acid.......Alkalize Your Body This is one of the big things that you started to hear about  last year.  Everywhere you turned in the Alternative World you hear Alkalize. Why is it so important to alkalize your body and why do we need to?  Like everything else that we do today, we are eating … Continue reading Reducing Acid in your diet ..#3


As stated in my last blog, I was going to give you one thing to change daily.  However, quite a few of you approached me and wanted it to be a weekly thing.  After talking to some of you, I have decided to listen and change it to weekly.  Increasing your water intake is always … Continue reading SUGAR

Working Towards A More Healthier You!

What Health Issue Are You Battling Join Us Hon Dr. Shakiera Marilyn Hockaday-Bey And Leading Lady Angela D. CollinsFind the Answer August 8th-9th Friday 6:45 Registration Seminar: Identifying Those Unhealthy Signs In Your Face, Tongue and Physical Changes Saturday 8:45 Breakfast 9:30-2:30 Straight Talk, Lunch, Recipes, Cutting the Cord, Prayer, Questions and Answers Pre Registration … Continue reading Working Towards A More Healthier You!