Where are your roots?


I do hope and pray that I find you in good health.

For those who have followed me over the years, know that I am always searching for ways to better myself and others.  In doing this, I decided to listen to my own advice and  take time for me.  It has been a couple of years since I have ventured to the east.  However, my beautiful cousin decided that we are going to India.  As I am writing this post, I am in INDIA!!!

We are about 2 hours away from seeing the famous Taj Mahal.  This has been an amazing trip.  For those who do not know, I was born in Guyana.  I do believe that I am the fourth generation from India.  Therefore, this trip is very personal for my cousin and myself.  There has been so many sighting of people that looks like members in our family. We just look at each other with a knowing smile.  Most of the people here assume that I am from India until I open my mouth.  Yesterday, our guide was trying to find the most diplomatic way of asking me where in India I am from.  He knew that I was currently from the States however, he believed that I was born in India and was trying to verify this in order to buy me the right ticket to enter one of the Forts.  India is a world by itself.  They people, food, colors, sounds, smells…. are all so refreshing.  This is a place that keeps you longing for more.

It never fails to amaze me how no matter where you are in the world we are all connected.  While I was in Egypt in 2010, people on the streets were calling me by my name and I had no name tag on.  There is a knowing that just is.



This was taken yesterday at Fort Agar  It was build with white marble, black marble, and red sand.  The art work consist for genuine gem stones to give it the colors on the white marble.  Words can not explain the beauty.  As I stood there just taking in the history and eternal beauty that was all around me, I was in amazement.  We have lost a lot from the past.  I do believe that we could learn a lot from the people who lived in this time.  There were challenges but can you imagine the courage, organization and self motivation that it took  the Rulers in order to achieve what they did back then without the technology that we have today.  Those rulers organized and carried out things that the rulers of today world find difficult if not impossible to do.

I personally believe that we all need to look in the past to help us move into the future.




2 thoughts on “Where are your roots?

  1. Greetings Dr. Shakiera,
    Just read your post and I agree, we do need to look back at our past history, because it is there that we
    Find our values and traditions that we hold dear. I think we loose a lot when we try to deny our heritage and we embrace that which is not ours to embrace – somethings we need to discard, yes- but we also need to hang to that which makes us who we are. So glad you are enjoying your trip, hope to see you back here soon

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