Good Morning! Here is the long awaited schedule for your detox weekend. I would love some feedback on how you did and feel after this amazing weekend. So, start preparing yourself on Wednesday by cutting back on caffeine, red meat, processed foods, cigarettes, and alcohol. This will help your body to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. But please be prepared to feel headachy, hungry, and lethargic on Saturday.

Friday Evening:

Put your cell phone and house on silent
Change into comfortable clothes
Have a light supper

8:30pm. Fill the bath with very hot water and add a few drops of essential oil (lavender, or a stress
combo). Leave for 10 minutes to heat up the tub and let oils disperse. Make a cup of
herbal tea to sip while in the bath. Light the candles, and relaxing music on. Immerse
yourself into the bath and just settle into the water and just be. Try to be in the bath for
at least 15 to 20 minutes. Pat yourself dry and slip into your night clothes and go to bed.
Enjoy a restful sleep without any television or other distractions.


9:30am. Try not to get out of the bed before 9am. At 9:30am drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice

9:45am. Dry brush your body. Remember to always brush toward the heart. And then take a shower

10:00am. Breakfast have a tasty smoothie for breakfast or a delicious fresh fruit salad to give you that energy you need.

10:15am. Rest & relaxation try to lay and take a nice breather relax the body as well as the mind.

11:30am. Midmorning Break try to lay down and read a book or catch up on your favorite show.

12:00am. Rest & Meditation practice yoga and slowly meditate stretch your body to feel refresh.

1:00pm. Lunch make yourself a nice big salad and wash it down with fresh glass of room temperature water.

2:00pm. Long Walk find a nice peaceful park or walk on your favorite trail and take in the nice weather

4:00pm. Afternoon Snack have a bowl a fresh nuts or your favorite fruity nut bar

4:15pm. Home Beauty Salon put on a nice facial mask, do your nails and toes, do your hair, moisturize your skin, rejuvenate yourself

5:30pm. Relaxation take a nice long relaxing nap

7:00pm. Supper make yourself a delicious vegetable curry or ratatouille from our recipes we suggested

8:00pm. Relaxation & Hand Massage massage your get the circulation going in your hands relieve the tension

10:00pm. Bed let it all go take deep breathes relax close your eyes relax your mind and drift into dreamland.


9:00am. Start the day off with a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon in it.

9:30am. Have a light breakfast.

9:45am. Dry brush your skin, then get dress in loose comfortable clothing.

10:00am. Active Session. Do a few stretches to loosen and warm up your muscles. Walk around the block, or go cut grass, something to get your heart pumping.

10:30am. Midmorning break.

11:00am. Home Spa Treatment. Now its time to run a hot bath and apply exfoliating scrub.

12:00pm. Deep breathing and relaxation. Time to go to the living room for deep breathing, and relaxation exercises before lunch.

1:00pm. Lunch Time!!

1:30pm. Creative relaxation. Do activities such as painting, drawing, or molding for creative relaxation. Experience different type of art

3:00pm. Afternoon snack!!

3:15pm. Visualization & rest. Kick back and read a good book or watch a good movie.

4:30pm. Planning session. This is the time to write a list or series of steps for achieving goals after detox in areas of your life.

6:30pm. Light supper.

10:00pm. Bed Time. Grab a book, and slip into a restful slumber.

In preparation to ease yourself back into your regular routine, here are some tips:

**Have non-dairy( i.e. soy, ewe’s milk, or goat milk) yogurt with muesli and fresh fruit for breakfast. Add a little protein in the form of broiled or poached lean meat or fish later in the day.
**Try not to slip back into your old habits completely. Don’t restrict yourself to the point that you are bored with your diet. If you can avoid junk food, alcohol, and caffeine. Keep up with a weekly relaxation technique and dry brushing. Please drink at least 7-8 glasses of fluid a day to flush out toxins.

You should be feeling a good deal healthier and more energetic than you did before.

Thank you for taking this journey with me!




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