Spring is here!!! I’m so excited for the new season, my favorite season. I know we all have been waiting for a change in the weather, especially with all the snow. The snow has kept us isolated but now its time to get out in the world and enjoy mother nature!

One of the most important things to know is once seasons change our bodies begin to change as well. Our body renews itself to correspond with the environment. You will be surprised how the environment and our bodies go hand in hand.

Its time of rejuvenation. Everything around us is rejuvenating, so therefore we must rejuvenate ourselves. One of the best ways to rejuvenate your body is cleansing your immune system. It’s important to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Try to drink filtered water rather than bottled water. If you choose to drink bottled water try to keep it out of the heat.

Eliminate all foods with preservatives, artificial coloring’s and chemicals. READ LABELS. Fruit and vegetables are your best friends, they protect from various diseases. Eating 8 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruit a day will be very rewarding to your body.

We also need to increase the pure oxygen in our environment because we breath in toxins daily. Decorating with plants in your home will be helpful and adds a little Feng Shui. In highly polluted areas use an air filter or Himalayan salt lamps. Also, aerobic exercise and yoga elevates oxygen in our cells.

We must also try to keep our over the counter prescription drugs to a minimum. Replacing those drugs with herbs and vitamins will benefit your body more. Herbs and vitamins aren’t harsh, filled with chemicals, or dangerous side effects versus prescribed drugs.

Avoiding constipation is necessary on so many levels. Over the counter laxatives can be dangerous. Over time over the counter laxatives can damage the colon. Plenty water, fruit, fiber, and exercise will be rewarding to your colon. If you must take a laxative use an herbal one but only occasionally. Consulting a colon hydrotherapist, such as myself, is well necessary if you have chronic constipation.

Another benefit to rejuvenate your body is to exercise regularly. Exercising 4 hours a week will decrease your chances of diseases and stress. This does not mean that you have to kill yourself. Keep at the same pace for at least 30 minutes will get your cardio pumping. Simple as walking briskly will make a big difference. During Spring, the weather is perfect for you to walk outside. It tends not to be too cold or hot. And there is a briskness to the air. Why not go for a walk that will de-stress your body and mind while helping to get your body renewed?!

In ancient China, the Tao Te Ching said “Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die”. Our life is always changing remember to be flexible in all aspects of it! Have a wonderful and blessed week everyone.


8 thoughts on “SPRING HAS SPRUNG

  1. Hey this is Jimi, Trents friend, we’ve spoke a few times and I came by herbal infusion a few times. I just wanted to let you know that you work is wonderful. Educating people mentally, physically, and emotionally is important especially in the times we’re living in now. It’s time for people to start waking up and realize what’s going on. And you are assisting in that process by raising consciousness. I love your work and hopefully you can reach back to me and guide me with my life goal of healing people. Again I just wanted to let you know that your work is great and needed. Keep it up. -One love

      1. Namaste nd Thank you, I live right down the street from herbal infusion, I would like to come in so we can converse more on the subject. If you could email me your office times, I’ll be more than excited to come in. It will be an honor to speak with someone who can actually “see” and that is on the same journey as myself. I believe that everything is divine order and we come in contact with certain people for a reason. I hope to be hearing from you soon.

      2. Namaste and thank you. I would love to come down to the store and converse more with you on the topic. I would be more than excited to speak with someone who can “see” and is on the same path as myself. Everything is divine purpose and we come in contact with certain people for a reason. This may be why I am so enthused that are communicating. It would be nice if you could email me your office times so I can come in, if your not to busy of course. I hope to be hearing back from you soon.

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