Take time for each other and yourself

Good Morning Everyone.  We all counting down the days before Christmas and running around like crazy to get everything done.  However at this time, I would like to remind everyone please also use this time to heal relationships with each other.  As we all know too well tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us.  I still can’t completely wrap my head around with happened on Friday in Newton. That was just confirmation that we truly don’t know what will happen to any of us today or tomorrow.  Treat each other with love, compassion, and patience.  Let’s not go into 2013 with Anger and Hate in our lives.  It is easier to let go than to carry those emotions with us.  

Those 2 emotions also does a number on our body and soul.  Some believe (including me) that Anger and Hate are the root cause for a lot of health issues including Cancer.  When we carry that burden of constantly thinking of someone in a negative way it affects how your body functions.   

The following is from  Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD.  “While this stress response mobilizes you for emergencies, it might cause harm if activated repeatedly. “You get high cortisol and high adrenaline levels and that is the cardiotoxic effect of anger expression,” says Jerry Kiffer, MA, a heart-brain researcher at the Cleveland Clinic’s Psychological Testing Center. “It causes wear and tear on the heart and cardiovascular system.” Frequent anger may speed up the process of atherosclerosis, in which fatty plaques build up in arteries, Kiffer says. The heart pumps harder, blood vessels constrict, blood pressure surges, and there are higher levels of glucose in the blood and more fat globules in the blood vessels. All this, scientists believe, can cause damage to artery walls.

And anger might not be the only culprit. In Kubzansky’s own research, she found that high levels of anxiety and depression may contribute to heart disease risk, too. “They tend to co-occur,” she says. “People who are angry a lot tend to have other chronic negative emotions as well.”  According to an analysis of findings from 44 studies published last year in theJournal of the American College of Cardiology, evidence supports the link between emotions and heart disease. To be specific, anger and hostility are significantly associated with more heart problems in initially healthy people, as well as a worse outcome for patients already diagnosed with heart disease

In regards to Cancer….” A 1979 study comparing long-term survivors of breast cancer with those who did not survive, scientists at John Hopkins University found that long-term survivors expressed much higher levels of anxiety, hostility and other negative emotions. Patients who were able to express their feelings lived longer than those who had difficulty in doing so. [Journal of the American Medical Association]”.

“Extremely low anger scores have been noted in numerous studies of patients with cancer. Such low scores suggest suppression, repression, or restraint of anger. There is evidence to show that suppressed anger can be a precursor to the development of cancer, and also a factor in its progression after diagnosis.” [Cancer Nursing – International Journal].

So, with all that said find ways to relieve your stress and tension during this very stressful time in our lives.  Take 15 minutes in the mornings before starting your day to just be still and clear your mind of everything and just be.  It is amazing how those 15 minutes will make a big difference in your entire day.  Some people choose to use this time to pray and stay in mediation with GOD.  However, you choose to spend this time of stillness is fine…..just do it!  

I would love to get some feed back on how you feel after starting to do this exercise daily.Image  



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